Unleash the power of planworX™

Spatial tracking of all jobs, labour, and assets in real-time.

planworX™Improve efficiency, logistical planning, and reduction of costs associated with health and safety incidences.LEARN MORE

worXLog™Digitally create and manage work and equipment orders - whether in the field or in the office.LEARN MORE

The planworX™ suite provides one view into all assets, jobs, labour, and payroll so you can track & manage your oil & gas operations more efficiently.

Analyze drilling efficiencies with planworX™

See all your data through a web-based dashboard, avoid costly errors and tracking of work and time during the drilling process, predict hazardous situations and risks, and invoice your clients at the push of a button.


View & track assets and jobs with SaaM™

Improve the efficiency and availability of data in the field and data retrieval from the field into a centralized system in real-time with functionality including clustering and heatmap options, queries on attribute data, and sophisticated measurement tools.


Simplify mobile work management with worXLog™

Replace paper-based capture of labour, time, and equipment information, decrease duplication of data entry, enable mobile capture of labour and equipment, all in a simple, easy-to-navigate user interface to streamline field data entry.


Manage, adjust, and view data with inspectworX™

Enable the capture of form-based data through a business-rule-driven methodology and a tool that can use a map-based interface to allow for location based functions which includes integration of large datasets, browser-agnostic performance, and offline access to datasets.


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