Digitally create and manage work and equipment orders - whether in the field or in the office.

Replace paper-based capture of labour, time, and equipment information with worXlog™

Replace paper-based capture of labour, time, and equipment information with worXlog™

Product Specifications

Business Challenges• Replace paper-based capture of labour, time, and equipment information• Decrease duplication of data entry; single entry approved and submitted• Synchronization with ESRI's Cityworks backend database• Data entry business rules enforced to improve data quality

Key Drivers• Prevent lost comments from paper-based system• Need to have mobile access to information to facilitate accurate data capture• Increase accuracy of data captured using validation and business rules• Same look and feel on mobile or desktop device

Leading Edge Solutions• HTML5/JavaScript front end allows for platform freedom• Designed to work with or without network connectivity• Server side connections to Oracle database• Windows OS pen based tablet

Key Features• Mobile data capture of labour and equipment• Online access and offline caching for later synchronization - no data loss• Simple, form-driven UI to streamline field data entry• Simple business rule validation engine• Quickly duplicate repeating attributes from previous entry• Mobile data entry, review, approval, and posting to payroll available based on permission

Functional Challenge

There are millions of people who work outside a typical office setting. In many cases, they use inefficient or costly tools and time consuming processes to collect data and complete their tasks. This paradigm becomes even more applicable to field workers and crews that deal with addressing work orders, equipment and filling out forms on paper. Many times this means duplicate entry, damaged documents, or worse, lost information.
Mobile technology and easy to use field applications are converging to improve this situation. Since the introduction of mobile devices and platforms every dimension of mobile computing has significantly changed to enable cost-effective solutions for mobile workers.

Modular integration into legacy & existing systems for streamlining operations

Mobile field data capture solutions for every business challenge


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