Premium data aggregated in one easy to use platform enabling precision agriculture by combining leading-edge technologies such as Ai and IoT.

A complete enterprise web-mapping and fully managed data maintenance solution that meets local government needs.

Agrilyze Develops Soil Testing Device in Partnership with Simon Fraser University

Enabling access to premium localized data, industrial-strength GIS, and day-to-day management tools, Agrilyze is an advanced and powerful platform to aid users to operate at high efficiency with optimum accuracy.

Watch the video of our latest soil testing device in action.
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Agrilyze Joins Forces with BCAITC to Promote an Educational Initiative On Emerging Agtech Careers In BC

The collaboration will arm the next generation of young skilled technical workers with industry knowledge and insight to consider careers in farming based on the most modern practices available.

Watch the video to learn more about this exciting project!
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From data to decision making to operational integrity, planworX is an advanced and powerful data maintenance, asset tracking, and project tracking solution.

Agrilyze Farming Technology

Product Specifications


  • Simple web-based mapping tools based on industry standard technologies
  • Integration with a contact management system for managing contractors, personnel, and suppliers
  • Dashboard for key metrics
  • Aggregated and enhanced over 30 sets of localized data
  • Responsively designed for mobile capabilities
  • Easy integration with web-based APls and devices
  • Printable maps, documents, and forms
  • Form-based data submission
  • Automated notifications
  • lntegrated Artificial Intelligence and data analysis

Key Drives• Simple to use and maintain• Spatially enabled to provide valuable data insights• Specifically designed to maintain and manage your infrastructure• Designed around industry standard tools such as ESRI

Key Features

  • Powerful industrial strength GIS engine capable of analyzing large volumes of spatial and non-spatial data
  • Remotely sensed data through aerial, drone, and satellite
  • Vivid high definition 3-D imagery
  • Image sensoring to detect change, monitor water contamination, and land usage
  • Integration of your specific farm database
  • Financial Management and CRM capability
  • Cloud-hosted and easy accessibility
  • On-the-go mobile access
  • Weather sensors and predictability
  • Artificial Intelligence for timely problem solving capabilities

Key Features• Web-based application that is simple to use and maintain• Save thousands on software and IT costs• Wide selection of basemaps from ESRI• Advanced reporting capabilities

Digital Agriculture

Accurate Decision MakingAgrilyze gathers and provides industry data analytics in a centralized interface. Users get easy access to premium geospatial data for accurate decision making.

Powered by AiLeverage artificial intelligence and predictive analysis forefficient farm management, quality control, and process improvement.

Anywhere, Anytime, Any DeviceAgrilyze is a cloud-hosted platform so you can access local agriculture industry data from any device in any location.

Task ManagementIncrease efficiency through Agrilyze’s workflow management tool. Assign tasks and monitor what is getting done through a shared interface.

End to End Data Analytics for Precision Agriculture

Digital Agriculture Transformation

  • Discover the latest game-changing development techniques in agriculture.
  • Discover how Ai is used to optimize project scheduling and reduce on-site material loss.
  • Learn how to use smart devices, satellite data, sensors, and data analytics for smart industry-changing farming methods.
  • Find out how, in rural areas, digital farming is revolutionizing the use of smart devices such as controlling a drone with a tablet and accessing data on a smartphone.

To be successful, an agricultural operation must grow as much as possible based on the size of the facility and prevent crop failure while minimizing the impact of unpredictable conditions. Indeed, most of the data are already available in various forms and tools. However, Agrilyze is best positioned to deliver public and private local data sources in a tailored format for each operation unique to a given facility for day to day work management requirements. Through a single integrated and seamless interface enabling increased operational efficiency and mitigating losses, Agrilyze provides incomparable value and advantage to all users.

How it Works


Addressing Industry Challenges by Integrating Technology in Agriculture Processes.

Leveraging multiple leading-edge innovations such as Al, satellite imagery, change and image detection technologies in combination with multiple sets of private and public data, Agrilyze delivers local industry with the first centralized agriculture data portal. Utilized by local farmers, educational institutions, companies, and governments, Agrilyze enables predictive data analysis and visualization to rapidly discover sources and planning patterns for delivery of precision agriculture.