Agrilyze joins forces with BC Agriculture in the Classroom, a non-profit, charitable organization that works with educators to bring agriculture and food education to students throughout the province, to promote a 10-week, online blog series and info sheet program on emerging agtech sector careers in British Columbia.

Abbotsford, BC – BC’s leading agriculture data analytics and AI portal for precision agriculture, Agrilyze, a division of the i-Open Group, is pleased to announce its recent partnership with BCAITC. The collaboration will arm the next generation of young skilled technical workers with industry knowledge and insight to consider careers in farming based on the most modern practices available.

The agtech sector is quickly becoming a vital part of the Canadian economy and a growing source of both income and investment. As home to over 150 agtech companies, BC is rapidly advancing new knowledge and modern product solutions to respond to the opportunities and emerging challenges related to global issues like climate change, food security and increased pressures on agricultural land.

Through the initiative, local educators will provide students from grades 8-12 with high-quality educational resources designed by the Agrilyze team that highlight agriculture as an essential part of the economy and way of life.

The project aims to empower students to be highly digitally savvy and embrace business automation processes early in their careers while also enabling them to make more informed decisions about their future career choices.

Jonathon, Sr. VP of Agrilyze comments, “The Agrilyze team has seen a need in the industry, not just for technology to aid farmers but also for younger people to participate in a new paradigm while embracing the future. Using technology as an enabler, we want to help students and farmers develop new ways to leverage data to help them solve agriculture challenges and real-world problems.”

Education Specialist at BCAITC, Sabrina adds, “I believe students, armed with the knowledge of possibilities in their fields, can best cultivate useful skillsets for today’s workforce, thereby developing a roadmap for career success and intrinsic happiness.  The agribusiness sector, the largest sector in our country, is an industry that is constantly expanding and evolving, so it offers a wide range of occupations and career paths. From skilled trades to accounting, there’s truly a rewarding career path for everyone.   I hope through the work that BCAITC and Agrilyze have embarked on, students in BC classrooms will have the opportunity to discover even a few of these many possibilities for a future in agriculture.”

In addition to the collateral, the 10-week educational series will further position Agrilyze as a company eager to promote the concept of innovation within agriculture as an essential industry. Aligned with the strategic objectives of BCAITC, Agrilyze looks to help deliver valuable learning resources that will help increase the value of educational projects, access to big data and analysis tools while leveraging future partnerships and collaborations to enhance learning in the classroom.

Agrilyze is excited to develop, implement, and provide the resources that students will be reviewing as part of their regular curriculum. The collateral also aims to teach relevant and “modern community farming” to eager students. Students will learn how precision agriculture applied technologies meet high tech and the different roles available to achieve profitability, efficiency and sustainability on the farm – essentially doing more with less impact on our planet.


About BC Agriculture in the Classroom (BCAITC): 

BCAITC provides several programs that connect students in BC public, First Nations, and independent schools to agriculture and healthy eating. Through their programs, students learn about where food comes from and how it is grown. They are also taught why farms and agriculture play such an essential role in our communities and society.


Sabrina H. Bhojani, Education Specialist



About Agrilyze:

Agrilyze is a data analytics and insights platform for the agriculture industry developed by the i-Open Group, a geospatial technology and AI solutions leader. Agrilyze helps farmers reduce crop loss, manage work efficiently between teams, centralize all farm data for better insights, and remain compliant with environmental regulations.


Chona Canlas, Brand Manager/Digital Marketing Specialist