Access premium data driven analytics with Agrilyze™

A leading edge cloud hosted digital and highly regional data driven analytics platform for precision agriculture.

Agrilyze Farming Technology

Agrilyze™Agrilyze gathers and provides industry data analytics in a centralized interface. Users get easy access to premium geo-spatial data for accurate decision making.LEARN MORE

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worXLog™Digitally create and manage work and equipment orders - whether in the field or in the office within Agrilyze or stand alone implementation.LEARN MORE

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The Agrilyze™ platform provides one view into all assets, jobs, labour, and key performance indicators so you can track & manage your agriculture operations more efficiently.

Access localized geospatially enabled datasets through Agrilyze™

Through our powerful GIS engine capable of analyzing large volumes of aggregated spatial and non spatial data, accessibility to insights for informed decision making and processes is facilitated.


Leverage Ai for timely decision making processes with Agrilyze™

Increase efficiency as you leverage Artificial Intelligence to benefit from fast and accurate decision making for optimized results. Leveraging Ai through our platform will enable you to respond to crisis accurately and rapidly.


Simplify task and work flow management with worXLog™

Replace paper-based capture of labour, time, and equipment information, decrease duplication of data entry, enable mobile capture of labour and equipment, all in a simple, easy-to-navigate user interface to streamline field data entry.


Access data, documents, and operational tools from anywhere on any device.

100% secure and compliant with industry standards, our platform is hosted on the cloud. Not only is our solution cost effective, it allows flexibility as you can access data, documents, and other operational functions through your phone, laptop, or tablet from any location.


Increase efficiency and operate like the big farms!

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