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Polar Technology Solutions is a wholly owned subsidiary of the i-Open Group of Companies, delivering technology solutions to the energy industry for almost 20 years.

Your Partner for Compliance Solutions

We are uniquely positioned to bring Custom GIS, Emergency Response, Land Owner Tracking and Regulatory Compliance Solutions.


Welcome to the CORELine™ Suite of Application Software

Geographic Information System mapping application, provides a single corporate repository for the storage and management of your geospatial information.

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CORELink Mobile delivers direct, mobile access to the CORE GIS Mapping Engine, smoothly delivering your content anytime and anywhere you go, agnostic of device, platform or operating system.

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CentrePost ERP Incident Manager can initiate an incident (real or training), monitor it, connect with required contacts, and collect the data for doing the post-incident reporting.

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Meet your Regulatory Requirements using LOID—Land Owner Information Database. Our proprietary GIS database, simplifies Emergency Response Planning and Stakeholder Notifications

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Our promise to you is Industry Compliance, Simplified™!

What do we do?

We help you extract value from data you have in house or externally by consolidating it and representing it in meaningful ways to create a contextual framework upon which information from multiple and varied sources can be evaluated simultaneously effectively enhancing clarity, understanding and knowledge.

Why should this interest you?

Turning data into information and assisting in the evaluation of that information to cultivate understanding helps you save money or make money.

How do we do it?

By being your trusted advisors. A team of professionals armed with a suite of geospatial software tools and expertise that have a strong aptitude for problem solving and take time to fully understand your business needs.

Who do we do this for?

For companies that own and/or operate geographically dispersed assets.

Our Services:  Technology and solutions to streamline your business.

  • Communication Planning: Extensive stakeholder consultation, public relations, knowledge of & adherence to guidelines of regulatory bodies
  • Data Acquisition & Conversion: Collecting data & purchasing previously collected data & then suiting the data to meet the needs of clients
  • Emergency Response Mapping & Field Support: The establishment of Emergency Planning Zones, Spill Contingency Plans for Crude Oil & ERP Mapping in order to meet regulatory requirements
  • ERP Data Collection & Updates: Identifying & consulting Stakeholders by Phone, Personal Visit or Mail Outs & recording consultation information through the use of LOID
  • GIS & GPS Field Training & Technical Assistance: Training is accessible to all clients in regards to the use of their GIS & GPS systems with continued technical support

  • GIS Systems Management & Maintenance: The Development, Management & Maintenance of GIS Systems
  • GPS Road Proofing & Hazard Assessment: Identifying all access roads & hazard points in order to clearly mark them using survey grade GPS units
  • Mapping: Digital & Hard Copy of Emergency Response Maps, Operation Maps, 3D Terrain Modeling & Map Books
  • New Pipeline Data Management & Construction Support: Aiding in data management & support of new projects
  • Population Density Study for use in Class Locations: Using the power of GIS, evaluate stakeholder data based on CSA Z662 to determine population density along a pipeline. The output data and maps are easily shared with operators and engineers to verify that pipeline specifications meet the requirements for class location.

Needs assessment

  • Current Needs – this step lists current requirements – what you need information on and how do you need to access it.
  • Future Needs – a crucial step that can save much time and hassles in the future. We develop our solutions with the room to grow into what you will need – not just what you need today.


  • How long will the project last?
  • How often will you need updates and how will those be done?


  • This is crucial – who needs access, from where, and how often
  • Are there levels of security and confidentiality that need to be addressed?


  • This essential step helps us to design security measures that not only preserve the integrity of your data, but more importantly the reputation of your company.

We can develop a custom GIS solution specifically for your needs.

Need to manage data on a pipeline, a group of wells or specific details in your municipality? We can help.

We can set up your GIS system and train your staff how to use it.

A great tool is only as useful as the people who know how to operate it. At Polar Technology Solutions, we know that you need solutions that work in the real world.

This is why we don’t consider an application done until the people on your team are working with it comfortably and confidently. It’s something we take pride in: Making great applications and helping teams use them to their full potential.

We provide complete training on all software we develop, as well as specific courses to help you get employees up to speed on GIS.

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