Winners Farms is known for supplying great tasting local Canadian beef sustainably raised in the heart of the Fraser Valley.

It is a multi-generational family farm based in Surrey, purchased in 1977, Rebecca Senicar, granddaughter, is passionate about her community and proud of how hard her family works to remain an integral part of it.

But to be successful in a time when direct interactions were being minimized, Rebecca needed to adopt a digital strategy that would help the farm maintain connection with people in the community and be “future-ready”.

The digital marketplace platform enabled Winners Farms to facilitate convenient grocery delivery straight from “farm to table”, providing customers easy access to healthier, additive-free food with traceable origins.

Supporting the local food movement means we are improving access to healthy food, strengthening the local economy and building community relationships. We really need to take care of each other right now, and this is how our family and Winners Farms are doing its part. – Rebecca Senicar

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