We have witnessed a global pandemic disrupt the retail industry, forcing businesses everywhere to pivot their sales strategy. Enter DirectFood.store, an online farm-to-table DTC e-commerce platform created by Wisebox Solutions. The digital marketplace was built to strengthen the local food supply chain while providing a digital infrastructure to help businesses survive and a platform to support the growing ‘shop local’ movement.

The platform boasts many benefits: a direct sales business model, improved transparency and traceability and eliminating the need for warehouses. The ultimate goal? Reduce food miles, food waste, and contribute toward lowering our carbon footprint. The platform has been successfully implemented across the Lower Mainland and the Fraser Valley, providing a one-stop-shop for consumers and restaurants to purchase fresh, local, and healthy food direct from over 50 local producers.

As an extension to the success of DirectFood.store, Wisebox has recently launched a new market opportunity with Chambers of Commerce in Canada. Their vision is to expedite the recovery of local businesses and communities suffering from the results of COVID-19. They will be rolling out an Alberta-wide digital marketplace platform that will help deliver a unique online, shop-local experience.

With the Digital Technology Supercluster’s co-investment, Wisebox has been able to develop their product in record time and add functionality that has enabled them to triple the speed at which their business is growing—interested in learning more? Read the full case study here.