is pleased to announce that NATERA Plant-Based Foods are now available to customers across the Lower Mainland.

NATERA supports sustainable farming methods to reduce environmental impact. They also believe that plant-based foods have a positive effect on the planet. For example, compared to animal-based protein production, plant-based protein has a significantly lower carbon footprint.

That being said, NATERA urges consumers to adopt a ‘think green’ mindset and know more about what they’re buying. Whether a vegetarian, flexitarian, pescatarian or just planning to contribute to better well-being, their variety of plant-based protein foods provides delicious and nourishing options for everyone.

With the continuing COVID outbreaks, recognizes the need for a more resilient way to get food to market. With more demand for plant-based products, the Naturally Splendid brand NATERA Plant-Based Foods provides an excellent fit for a rapidly growing customer base.

Try their delicious products today, available here.

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