We are thrilled to have been featured on and share our story with CKNW Weekend Mornings.⠀

Colin Schmidt, our Senior VP – Product Management, DirectFood.store and Raymond Szabada, CEO, i-Open Technologies, had a wonderful opportunity to discuss our innovative platform that enables consumers to buy fresh, healthy and local food directly from BC farmers. 

With DirectFood.store, customers can now purchase a wide selection of local food, including organic farm-raised meats, freshly picked produce and other staples free from chemicals. Food on DirectFood.store is ethically sourced, traceable and delivered directly from local farms within a 120 km radius.

The i-Open Group of Companies and its subsidiary, Wisebox Solutions, are behind the first of its kind technology solution. With 20+ years of experience in marketplaces, e-commerce portals and membership platforms, Wisebox Solutions has a proven track record of delivering efficient, sustainable and profitable software services to broad demographics, including North American Equestrian organizations and associations over the past two decades.

“With DirectFood.store, you can now buy fresh products from multiple farms and vendors at the same time, and you get a separate invoice from each one of them because you’re buying direct. You can shop with them together, and all of your food from all of those farms is going to arrive at your doorstep at the same time.” Colin commented during the interview.

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