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Product Development Manager

As a key leadership role, reporting to the Product Owner of each Product the Employee is assigned to, the Product Development Manager is accountable for defining, prioritizing, planning, and driving the execution of the development and deployment for each assigned product. The Product Development Manager is accountable for managing and coordinating development resources to deliver Product releases. The Product Development Manager must possess business acumen, have excellent skills in communication, presentation, and software development project management.

The work that is to be performed by the Employee for the Company for each assigned Product will include the following:

  • Collaborate with the Product Owner to assist in defining the Product Vision and Roadmap
  • Perform needs analysis and requirements gathering from industry groups and/or users to ensure product delivers optimal solution
  • Analyze and document market trends and competitive offerings for discussion with the Product Owner
  • Work with UX designers to create simple UI/UX design and mockups to communicate with clients, developers, and the Product Owner
  • Work together with the development team and Product Owner to ensure that solutions have appropriate functional and technical specifications, and establish realistic estimates and timelines while ensuring that product maintains the highest quality possible and within budget
  • Manage development of each stage of the software development life cycle with continuous reporting to the Product Owner, including planning and managing the development resources
  • Manage the QA/Support team to implement acceptance and security tests and ensure execution and compliance during the staging process
  • Manage the developers, dev ops, IT, and QA resources for successful deployments and post-deployment acceptance and security testing
  • Create and update technical documentation, and manage the Support team to create user documentation for your review and sign off
  • Monitor, optimize, and respond as necessary to the communication flow between the support team and the development team including managing priorities with input as required from the Product Owner
  • Work with clients, sales team, development team, and data team on new deployment planning and rollout with ongoing reporting to the Product Owner
  • Provide training to clients whenever the support team is not yet able to offer such training
  • Provide training to the support team and monitor quality to handle repetitive and well established trainings
  • Ongoing improvements in consultation with the Product Owner to all processes involved in the above work, including documentation of these processes, communicating them to all involved, and monitoring compliance
  • As directed or appropriate, assist other employees with their tasks, and help them by answering any questions they may have that you may know the answer(s) to

Deliverables & Reasonable diligence

Employee shall use her/his best efforts to meet any delivery dates for assigned tasks, and to deliver deliverables to the Company that conforms to any project specifications. Employee warrants that the Services will be performed promptly, diligently and in accordance with all reasonable professional standards for similar services. Deliverables shall include all intellectual property, documentation, and other written material relative thereto, and all other materials, items, media called for by the specifications or any work order. All services shall be provided in a professional and workmanlike manner and in compliance with common industry standards.

Work progress

Employee shall continually communicate with Product Owners regarding progress made by the Employee in performing the services. Upon request from Product Owners, Employee shall prepare and deliver to management written reports summarizing progress in providing the services called for in this Agreement, in addition to the required ongoing reporting requirements outline in the points above.

Bug fixing

Employee shall promptly respond and coordinate fixes for any and all “bugs” that are critical to the success of the business and keep the Product Owner updated on the status. The Company will compensate the Employee for such work under the same terms that the original work was completed.

Job Type: Full-time

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