Transforming the Global Tech Ecosystem with CitizenAi i-Open Corporate Theme


The i-Open Group of Companies, a leader and provider of geospatial applications and SaaS solutions, leverages machine learning, change detection, and the latest technologies for deploying artificial intelligence with CitizenAi, a leading-edge spatially enabled Ai suite of software applications.

Abbotsford, BC, August 4, 2020 – i-Open Group is pleased to announce its new corporate theme, CitizenAi. Through innovation, sustainability, and reliability, CitizenAi focuses on delivering value and solutions for the betterment of the economy while balancing the risks and rewards of Ai, data governance, security, and privacy.

As part of the initiative, the theme aims to develop a knowledge-based and clean digital ecosystem while also focusing on the Group’s mission and vision to deliver real and sustainable technology products that positively impact the planet.

Furthermore, the concept aims to solve real-world challenges like food shortage and food security, traceability, and damage prevention. It also concentrates on mitigating environmental risk and staying compliant.

By analyzing large volumes of data at a high frequency and rate and tying in the integration of data collected by multiple systems (i.e., spatial imagery), i-Open offers advanced, leading-edge solutions to corporate entities, governments, and educational institutions.

Leveraging the existing and proven spatial technology platforms that i-Open has introduced to the municipal government and energy sectors, the CitizenAi model can become a behaviourally scientific version of i-Open’s current spatial and map-based, fully-integrated solutions.

Founder of the i-Open Group of Companies, Raymond Szabada, further explains,

“Going forward, everything we develop as an organization focuses on delivering real and sustainable high-tech solutions for a better planet. i-Open plans to leverage Ai to solve real world challenges and this focus excites me. We fully understand that in order to develop the best spatially enabled Ai solutions you need to be able to integrate both spatial and non-spatial data; and this is what we have been doing for over two decades. The companies with the best data available will be able to train their Ai to become the most capable Ai solutions.”

As dedication toward the ‘greater good’ drives the tech industry today, i-Open leverages over 15 years of experience in the tech space and can tie their developing paradigms into the Spatially Enabled Ai (SEA) suite of applications. With just one planet, the quest for long-term sustainability is a worthwhile pursuit. Solutions by CitizenAi will respond to this, one transformation at a time.

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