i-Open Focus is a nod from i-Open Technologies to the people who make our organization turn. It’s a way for us to highlight and recognize the people that help make i-Open Technologies what it is. This i-Open Focus is featuring Simranjit Singh, one i-Open’s intern who wanted to share his experience being part of i-Open Technologies.
intern at I-open technologies1.       What is your name and what was your role at i-Open Technologies?

My name is Simranjit Singh and during my internship, I was an automated tester. I wrote programs that tested the app without the need for human intervention.

2.       How did you hear about i-Open Technologies and how was the process of obtaining an internship within thecompany?

I was able to get my internship through the help of my teacher. Although I had found I-Open Technologies when I was doing my research, it was only after I got Jonathon’s phone number from my teacher that I was able to get my internship.

3.       How long was your internship at i-Open Technologies and what would you say was the most rewarding part of your role?

My internship at i-Open was about four weeks long. The most rewarding part of my role was writing my code. Similarly to why I enjoy math, I find that solving problems and coming up with creative solutions using code is very satisfying. It’s nice when everything works, but it is sometimes more fun to tinker with the code and make it as efficient as possible.

4.       How would you describe your experience working at i-Open Technologies?

I had a wonderful experience at i-Open. I was happy to see everyone was approachable and willing to answer any questions I had. I appreciated that Adam acted as a mentor and helped me during my coding process. I know that some of my peers did not have the best of experiences, as they were either looking at excel sheets or making folders all day. In contrast, I was able to gain a well-rounded experience where I could code and also learn about the business aspect of the company.

5.       What was one important thing you learned while interning at i-Open Technologies?

One of the most important things I learned during my internship was the diversity of jobs and positions that are available at a tech company. I realized that coding is only one small part of a big process. I was made aware that roles such as project planners and other business related individuals are an essential part of the company.

6. What profession are you pursuing and how did/will your internship at i-Open Technologies going to help you achieve your professional goals?

The profession I am pursuing is programming. I found this internship very helpful because I was able to gain many insights and experience the diversity in the field. I was able to learn about the business side (planning a project and attending meetings) and also gain practical experience by writing useful code.

7. Let’s get a little more personal, what is your greatest life accomplishment so far?

School has been always been a major part of my life so most of my achievements stem from it. In recent times, my greatest accomplishment was to win the Grade 10 and Grade 11 Student of the Year Awards while having the highest GPA in my grade. A more abstract accomplishment is my fluency in English, as it was the third language that I started to speak.

8.    What is your favorite thing to do outside of work and school?

My favourite thing to do during my free time is to enjoy stories. I do this through a variety of mediums including books, movies, games, manga, and anime. I have always had a rampant imagination so I often get really invested in the materials I am reading.

9.  What is the most embarrassing thing that has happened to you?

I had recently moved from Italy to the UK, so I barely knew any English. It was my first week at school and I realized that I had forgotten my shoes in my science class, and therefore I had to go back and get them. When I got to the class I knocked on the door and was let in. The teacher asked me what my name was. I misunderstood him, thinking that he was asking why I was there. I answered by saying “boots”. The whole class started laughing. It was only after he repeated himself that I understood him. I then quickly grabbed my stuff and left.

10.  Where do you volunteer or give back to the community?

The frequent volunteering I do is at the school library. Our librarian always busy with various projects and tasks, so I go there after school to organize the books and laptops and to assist any students that need help. Through Student Leadership and the Global Awareness club, I was able to volunteer at various events. These include May Day, Interactive Water Week, and the Dave Kandal Fair. I also participated in the book buddies program where I helped young kids read.

11.  Tell us something that not everyone may know about you.

I was actually born in Italy. I lived there for about ten years before moving to the UK. I lived in the UK with my cousins for about one year and only then did I move to Canada. Because of the different education systems, I actually skipped grade 6 and was put into grade 7 when I studied in the UK. Afterwards, when I came to Canada I decided to attend grade 7 again, so it all kind of worked out in the end.

12.  What is the best advice you have received regarding your career and profession and why was it so meaningful?

The best advice I received from Adam relates to how broad the field of programming is. He made me realize that there is almost unlimited diversity available once I decide to go down this path. He also showed that there isn’t only one set way to become a programmer. I could attend university, but I could also try to learn from other online resources. He taught me about the freedom that programming offers.