The STARS Emergency Link Centre is a small to mid-sized telecommunications group located in Calgary, Alberta, Canada. They provide support for the STARS helicopters, and critically ill or injured patients located rurally within Western Canada. They also provide various services to the oil and gas industry. GIS (Geographic Information Systems) is a significant component of their work, and they have partnered with i-Open Technologies to improve and develop existing systems like “Bodhi”.

“Bodhi” is built on an ArcGIS framework. Supporting applications include ArcGIS Enterprise, ArcGIS Online, and FME Server. This application expands support event capture and management using an additional product called Synergy (by Yonder Call Scripter).

The primary challenge is in integration and data enrichment. STARS uses a combination of ArcGIS, GeoEvent and FME Server to connect to various external systems such as AVL and Work Alone. These systems are used to enrich data on a per-transaction basis to better support operational workflows. i-Open will create new FME scripts to automate data processing and use data enrichment methodologies to ensure that AVL and Work Alone tools populate into the GIS system.

While STARS takes care of some of the most critical patients across Western Canada, i-Open will assist STARS with consultation on their overall systems and methods, as well as professional services to complete specific integration and enrichment requirements.

We look forward to providing STARS with the support they need to save as many lives as possible and to contribute to transforming the way our current health care system operates.