We are currently seeking a GIS Data Specialist for our offices located in Abbotsford, British Columbia. If you want to experience the spirit of an entrepreneurial organization, while enjoying the impressive resources of an international player, we invite you to join us.


Are you a Tech Professional looking to work closer to home? i–Open Technologies is looking to fill positions at our Abbotsford offices, located in the heart of the Fraser Valley.

The Fraser Valley offers the small-town community feel that provides a great place to live and raise a family. With more affordable housing, cheaper gas prices and a lower cost of living, i-Open Technologies provides the same opportunity as the big city companies but allows you to capture the benefits of living in the Valley.


Company Overview

At i-Open Technologies Inc., we work together to create an environment where our people come first. Our employees reinforce that all who join our team are, as owners, empowered to participate in the challenges and rewards that come from building a world-class company. As an IT and professional services firm, our employees are the key element of our continued success, as is our ability to attract and retain top-quality professionals — professionals like you.

Our projects are GIS & Geospatial related, which means that knowledge of the Google Maps API, Google Earth API and/or CesiumJS libraries, ESRI’s ArcGIS for Server JavaScript and REST API’s and similar will be needed as time progresses. You will be required to learn how to leverage HTML5 for use on tablets or developing smartphone apps with any number of development frameworks.


Role Overview

This position requires demonstrated competence in a variety of complex enterprise business cases involving large sets of GIS data that are often related to software development and IT solutions.

  • Good understanding of workflows and proven ability to analyze business processes.
  • Development experience with FME workbench, and experience with FME Workbench in the areas of Geometry algorithms, liner referencing, map projections, and spatial overlay.
  • Experience with FME Server installation and configuring batch jobs on FME Server.
  • Excellent verbal and written skills and a strong, problem-solving orientation.


Key Functions for This Role Are (But Not Limited To):

CAD Data maintenance

  • Leverage CAD tools to manage client data updates, including parcel, infrastructure and planning data
  • Understand and document necessary workflows to maintain and automate client data updates
  • Work with engineering firms to ensure client standards are enforced and data is delivered

Data management

  • Manage and create client data in 3D with Google Maps, Google Earth and Trimble Sketchup
  • Create pleasing maps and marketing materials for the Marketing department

Development of FME workflows based on functional and technical designs

  • Develop and maintain automated CAD -> GIS workflows
  • Using technical documents deliver required solutions for client requirements
  • Fully document code
  • Utilize version management
  • Provide testing
  • Develop required technical- and help documentation

Data manipulation using FME scripts

  • Work with client and team to come up with creative and most effective ways to clean up large GIS data sets for performance improvement
  • Other data reorganization

IT Support

  • Provide routine PC Support such as configuring email, system and application updates and account administration

Integration and Migration of data

  • Understand and develop migration and transformation methodologies


  • Document all methods used to create geo-web visualization tools for future maintenance and updates
  • Document roll out procedures and strategies for software
  • Creation and maintenance of functional and technical design documents, as well as some general business analysis

Testing, Supporting and Troubleshooting Applications

  • Provide technical support
  • Investigate and resolve production problems
  • Optimizing web systems

Technical Qualifications:

  • Business analysis and project management experience would be an asset
  • Database management and programming skills (SQL Server, Oracle)
  • Proven experience developing in geospatial web-based platforms (Google Earth API, Google Maps API)


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