“Precision has been able to leverage the built in capabilities of the SaaM platform to catalog our assets and to build in critical performance comparison tools. This application has given us a critical tool for evaluating the benefit of any asset and to communicate these benefits to our customers and to make management decisions regarding our rigs to help improve performance where possible.” – Blaine McLaughlin, Drilling Performance Manager


As the most active land-drilling contractor in Canada, Precision Drilling offers customers our proven resource drilling expertise, delivered by their highly skilled and passionate people, utilizing our innovative Super Series Rigs. Precision delivers maximum efficiency, helping our customers minimize risk, reduce well costs and generate returns on their investments. Their highly skilled and trained crews provide safe, consistent, repeatable and reliable service with the full support of the entire Precision team.

With a highly disciplined business management approach, Precision has a reputation of innovating to meet the needs of an always-dynamic energy industry.

The Issue

Precision Drilling is Canadas largest oil rig operator and owning and operating several rigs in Canada and worldwide. The company’s competitive advantage lies in two primary value propositions; the number of rigs they own and the relative efficiency of their operations. This information is critical to their drilling performance manager as well as the sales and marketing team. These two areas of the company are tasked with ensuring the highest level of performance of their assets and subsequently communicating the performance as a competitive advantage. The company uses data regarding their drilling assets maintained in a corporate enterprise database containing numerous performance metrics, including rate of penetration (ROP), that can be used to illustrate the efficiencies their rigs attain compared to other rigging companies. This data has been traditionally accessed in a fairly manual way which made accessing the information somewhat difficult and hard to maintain.

The Solution

i-Open has worked with the Precision to implement a custom deployment of our Spatially aware asset Management (SaaM) web application. This tool provides a map based interface that gives the user direct access to data in their enterprise database for all company rig assets as well as assets from other companies attained through public sources. As part of this custom implementation, i-Open added a number of chart and graph widgets that can be used to compare metrics on different rigs; metrics such as ROP, stand time distribution, and drill time. Additionally a number of search tools were added to provide better more intuitive access to the data. Search tools such as point and area of interest searches that allow users to find all rig assets within a distance of a given point. The application utilizes cutting edge frameworks that leverage web development best practices through the HTML5 and JavaScript environments which allows for cross-browser access on all computer platforms.

The Result

Precision drilling now has an enterprise grade application that allows rig on rig comparisons which help communicate the company’s value proposition to prospective and existing customers. This application gives the sales and marketing team access to tools from anywhere there is an internet connection and provides operations staff with the metrics they need to evaluate and improve performance. The company can also provide filtered information to the public allowing perspective clients to do some of their own research when looking for a rig. All of these attributes make this tool a vital asset to the company and provides them with a key marketing and performance evaluation tool.


i-Open was able to provide an application for Precision Drilling with high quality mapping, decision making, planning, reducing bottom line costs of field based operations and allowing quick access for staff to communicate to their customers to make better management decisions to evaluate and improve performance.