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planworX™ is a logistical and planning framework designed specifically for oil and gas drilling industry, for improving efficiency, logistical planning and reduction of costs associated with health and safety incidences. As platform planworX™ can either work in conjunction with the other tools, such as worXlog™ and inspectworX™ framework for the oil and gas industry or as an independent dashboard for aggregation and presentation of data as a web based analytical dashboard. It allows for the display of graphs and charts displaying key metrics and allows users to drill deeper into key data related to assets, jobs and or equipment.

Sound asset and work management practices support sustainable service delivery by considering community and safety priorities, informed by an accurate and relevant data. Emerging technologies are key catalyst for growth and competitiveness.

The timing has never been better for oil and gas services organizations to leverage emerging technology in managing their ever growing business operations, processes, people and most importantly, information. However, in today’s hyper-competitive and global energy environment, hard driven by government, environmental and safety regulations, organizations are finding that these improvements are not enough to achieve a sustainable competitive advantage. Organizations are now turning to new emerging technologies for managing their assets, mobility needs and ongoing monitoring as the next catalysts for growth and profitability.

Inefficient drilling automation can have:

  • Financial impact
  • Cause delays in well completions or abandonments
  • Unexpected shutdowns
  • Safety implications
  • Environmental impact

The company specializies in Oil and Gas Regulatory Compliance, Emergency Response Notifications and advanced mapping and database applications. They use a combination of state of the art GIS tools, in-depth knowledge of government regulatory requirements and a highly trained and service driven team to create efficient compliance solutions. Their proprietary LOID (Land Owner Informa- tion Database) software is a leading edge tool that provides fast, complete and accurate stakeholder information to their clients at a lower cost than traditional methods. As part of their effort to contin- ually enhance value to clients, they upgraded their LOID system into CORE - a holistic toolkit integrating LOID with other key information to enhance the decision making process for their clients.

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