Simplifying Mobile Work Management & Time Entry

The Oil and Gas Industry is faced with many challenges. Balancing business processes with constant customization of IT systems in a tactical environment can be a daunting task. The fastest way to identify a business solution that has a high potential for a significant and quick return on investment is any process that utilizes paper for data capture. Paper is an inherently slow and inaccurate tool for collecting data. These paper processes are often coupled with key data transmitted through verbal conversations which is also error-prone and harder to track. Many enterprises that have converted a paper-based process to an electronic form-based application on a mobile device have seen data collection times reduced in the field, more accurate data flowing to central enterprise servers, and faster business reporting.

worXlog is a browser based work management engine, specifically targeted to mobile devices while keeping in mind connectivity issues. The tool allows field based crews to track their work and time against specific Work Orders (or Jobs) along with any equipment used during that task using configurable business rules. This data is submitted to the Work Order management system or to a managed database when connectivity allows. Once the time is submitted it available for Review and Approval by the crews, supervisors and managers. Approved data is then available for clerks to submit to the payroll or invoicing systems.

A small very affordable device such as a very an iPad can support mobile workers for an entire day shift while automating data capture in this way helps to reduce the overall time it takes to get information back to the office for timely processing of invoices and customer reports. This enables more business transactions at the same staffing levels while improving overall efficiency, productivity and faster rate for collecting on work that is performed. Because errors can be so costly, in some cases error avoidance can be the vehicle for achieving a rapid return on one’s mobile work management investment.

There are millions of people who work out- side a typical office setting. In many cases, they use inefficient or costly tools and time consuming processes to collect data and complete their tasks. This paradigm becomes even more appli- cable to field workers and crews that deal with addressing work orders, equipment and filling out forms on paper. Many times this means duplicate entry, damaged documents or worse, lost information. Mobile technology and easy to use field applications are converging to improve this situation. Since the introduction of mobile devices and platforms every dimension of mobile computing has significantly changed to enable cost-effective solutions for mobile workers.

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