i-Open to sponsor MISA 2014 and Present Public Works Case Study in partnership with City of Port Alberni

Many municipalities have significant challenges managing and maintaining public works field data. In addition to historical paper-based information such as service cards and property photos, other data critical to public works operations is often found in disparate systems, managed by various departments such as Finance and Engineering. At MISA 2014 in Kelowna, BC, from September 16-19, i-Open Technologies will conduct a workshop with the City of Port Alberni Manager of Information Services, Jeff Pelech, titled textStreamlining Public Works Field Data Management at City of Port Alberni.

This session will explore how the City of Port Alberni was able to aggregate and integrate key data from a range of sources into a single, spatially-enabled system that is deployed on iPads (or any mobile device) and automates the ongoing collection and management of data, both online and offline. In addition to case examples, this session will provide a walkthrough of i-Open’s HTML5-based Mobile Maintenance Viewer (MMV) tool as implemented at the City of Port Alberni.


TECTERRA 2014 Geomatics Showcase

i-Open Technologies was a key participant this week at the TECTERRA Geomatics Showcase 2014 in Calgary, Alberta. This event brought together geomatics and business expertise from across Canada and around the globe to collaborate and share best practices and innovations for the commercialization of geomatics technology. This year’s event had over 50 exhibiting companies and included keynote speaker, Peter Mansbridge. As a TECTERRA profile company that has experienced substantial traction and growth over the course of last two years, i-Open Technologies continues to receive support from TECTERRA. i-Open looks forward to becoming operational within the Calgary region in the fall of 2014 which will increase exposure to TECTERRA ‘s portfolio of services and programs.


i-Open CEO Ray Szabada featured in Business Fraser Valley

Ray Szabada is the current CEO at i-Open Technologies, but is also the driving force behind the proposed Technology Center of Excellence in the Fraser Valley. Seeing continued growth, business leaders in the Fraser Valley are working to make the region a global player, as related to the tech sector.


Vision for East Fraser Valley region

The President & CEO of i-Open Technologies Inc., has a Vision for East Fraser Valley region; Mr. Szabada is the Founder and Chairman of the Board for The Sumas Regional Consortium for High Tech, responsible for the development and driving of the Vision forward as related to Technology driven Economic and Educational development of the Region.

The way Ray Szabada sees it, the similarities between California’s Santa Clara Valley and British Columbia’s Fraser Valley are striking and very much worthy of attention. “Geographical proximity to a major and exciting city”, he says. “Climate, transportation links, much easier access to an international airport, lifestyle – all very similar. But there’s one aspect where we’re not similar at all, and that’s a huge advantage for us. Affordability!”

Santa Clara Valley? Why should Ray care? Because in November 1971 a small emerging company called Intel created the world’s first microprocessor, and everything changed for this bucolic suburban area south of San Francisco. The term “Silicon Valley” was first published in the fledgling Electronic News, and the rest, as they say, is history.

Ray is not trying to create a second Silicon Valley here. That would be wishful thinking. In the words of Ethernet co-inventor Robert Metcalfe: “Silicon Valley is the only place on Earth not trying to figure out how to become Silicon Valley”. But he does believe that a portion of the industry and wealth spawned by Silicon Valley can be lured here if the right conditions exist. He has the credentials to know what he’s talking about, he says, “but the trick is to get past the idea stage by creating an action plan. Of all the Fraser Valley communities, Mission is the perfect place to begin”. So what are the first steps in the process, and what is the final vision? Ray spells out the plan. “The final vision would be to have a substantial employment base with ICT (information & communication technology) companies”, he says. “A mix of research and development companies along with some high tech manufacturing. But of course we need a starting point, and the model for that is the proposed Regional Tech Centres of Excellence (TCE’s) that will house: ”.

  • Innovation and Incubation
  • Research and Tech Transfer
  • Skilled technical education and training

Says Ray Szabada: “As you can see, to be successful this kind of project requires initial buy-in from a municipal government and a local university. Here in the Fraser Valley, SRCTec, has developed a proposed framework for the first TCE in Mission. But any commitment will require financial investment by the municipal government – fortunately an investment that will pay for itself many times over the life of the project. You have to give emerging technology companies solid reasons to locate here. You also need more established companies on board to fund the operating costs”. With assistance from the SRCTec group, Mission School District has launched its new entry level ICT trades program at Mission’s Riverside College; This is the first of many initiatives the consortium plans to implement in the valley, all designed to generate skilled technical workers and support for local innovation and research.

At its March 21 meeting, the Mission Economic Development Select Committee approved a motion to proceed with the Technical Centre of Excellence business plan. Part of this work will be to identify sources of funding and potential partners for the venture. Interested individuals or organizations are encouraged to contact Mission’s economic development department for more information.


i-Open Technologies to enable state of the art GIS for the City of Penticton


Abbotsford – British Columbia, Canada (May 1st 2013) – i-Open Technologies Inc., a leading edge enterprise business solutions and IT services vendor, today, in partnership with City of Penticton announced the delivery of the City’s GIS System that will help shape the future of how the City data will become accessible to citizens and municipal employees. “We are progressive organization when it comes to enhancements of our systems” said Kristin Wilkes Manager of Information Systems. “While our IT and systems infrastructure is leading edge there is always room for improvement relating to making our data accessible. We are extremely enthusiastic about the project. GIS Systems have proven to deliver results in municipalities throughout BC. We are very excited about the long term benefits of the new system.”

The City has been working on technology that limited who could access that data, but have leveraged ESRI’s Silverlight development platform to allow for a wider dissemination of their data to many browser technologies. The public facing component is part of a bigger initiative within the City that has seen them standardize on ESRI’s ArcGIS Server platform, improve the accuracy and standards for their data, and prepare a way forward for both internal and public users in which new and exciting ways to collaborate will emerge.

“This is another example where i-Open Technologies has turned an emerging technology trend into a source of value for our clients” said Jonathon McIntyre, Chief Technology Officer for i-Open Technologies Inc., “If an organization can make technology choices that are platform based and act on them, they can help future of the organization by providing solutions in a much more expedient fashion.”

After many years of supporting the City of Penticton, i-Open was able to partner with their GIS and IT staff to transfer knowledge and implement a public facing web mapping platform that distributes the information to the public in a timely fashion.

About i-Open Technologies Inc.
i-Open Technologies Inc., established in 2002, based in Abbotsford, BC, has a proven track record for assisting and helping guide municipalities and private sector organizations toward strategic ways of elevating their performance with services such as the evaluation and automation of business processes, planning, and developing business case. Whether it is implementing an internal and external GIS system, deploying Spatial Data Infrastructure or the development of organization’s Asset Management strategy.


i-Open presents at the FME World Tour

-Open Technologies CTO Jonathon McIntyre along with Jones, Lang, LaSalle’s VP – Technology Product Manager Steve Bogart present at the FME World Tour on High Quality On-Demand PDF Printing.