Simplifying Mobile Work Management, Time Entry & Equipment Tracking

for the Government sector.

There are millions of people who work outside of the typical office setting. In many cases, they use inefficient or costly tools and time consuming processes to collect data and complete their tasks. This paradigm becomes even more applicable to field workers and crews that deal with addressing work orders, equipment and filling out forms on paper. Many times this means duplicate entries, damaged documents, or worse, loss of information.

Mobile technology has enabled the workforce to utilize easy to use in-field applications and integration is occurring on unprecedented levels to improve on site work. Since the introduction of mobile devices and platforms, every dimension of mobile computing has significantly been changed to enable cost effective, time saving solutions for the in-field workforce.

The District is located on British Columbia’s Sunshine Coast approximately 67 kilometers from Vancouver by road and ferry. The District has a population of 9291 within an area of 39.01 square kilometres. It is a destination for a number of outdoor activities including fishing, golf and scuba diving. The District has two departments within the organization that manage their physical assets; Parks and Engineering. These two organizations provide services such as grooming the parks and maintenance of water and sewer infrastructure. This work is performed by approximately 15-20 staff members and is managed by three supervisors and one manager (COO). As with many municipal governments, the district is struggling to increase efficiency to provide tax payers with the most value.

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