Database Development & Integration

Data is the most critical component and lifeblood of an organization. A concise data design and development strategy will ensure that client will be able to effectively manage the data life-cycle in order to achieve productivity, operational efficiency and simply allow for better management decisions and ultimately value. i-Open brings together a considerable understanding of Data Management and how it can positively benefit an organization’s ability to accelerate more agile, flexible systems.

Quiet commonly today, information integration exists only in pockets within companies and government organizations alike. With information scattered across a number of different sources, a holistic solution saves time in the short term and can position the organization competitively in the long term. And companies that master integration can and will achieve a higher level of process performance and operate on the basis of better insight and intelligence. In this way, rather than spending time looking in multiple places for elusive information, organizations can focus on achieving high performance. i-Open develops core solutions by addressing the above fundamentals of data design and management.