Business Process Analysis

Businesses are increasingly becoming aware that simply investing in new technology often does not produce the desired increases in efficiency. There is a growing awareness that the desired increases in efficiency can only be achieved by aligning the business processes with the technology. The business processes and activities must be designed to effectively use the new technology. In addition, the new technology must provide the information in a usable and understandable manner to allow the users to make the needed decisions and to complete the tasks. To achieve the desired increases in efficiency, the business processes must be aligned with the capabilities of the new technology and the skills of the staff.

Business Process analysis (BPA) is the starting point for a wide range of projects, from operational improvement initiatives, efficiency analysis, to systems analysis, audits, and compliance activities. i-Open can deploy a combination of tools and methodologies to save cost, add value, reduce time and reduce risk. One of the core areas of focus for i-Open is the use of BPA as an effective tool for defining the business activities associated with the use of GIS. Leveraging the GIS investment, the benefits are greatly enhanced when a wide range of business processes throughout the organization can use GIS information. Often, the coordination and alignment of the business processes with the supporting information management technology can offer the greatest opportunity for improving the business operations.