Business Case Evalution

A solid business case lays the foundation for any endeavor; whether it is IT or any other level scope. Without it, most public departments cannot convince key stakeholders (often elected officials) to provide funding for projects. And if the business case is done imprecisely—with only a partial view of what it takes to successfully plan, deliver and sustain systems—the consequences can be substantial.

However, IT based projects really understanding the hard data that sits behind the organization is the underpinnings of any successful business case evaluation. In order to create a compelling sell deck to drive the message it is both about presenting the cost and a benefit perspective. In order to fully consider the cost and benefit scale, an evaluation and assessment of components such as business process analysis, software, hardware infrastructure, implementation and enabling technologies costs are critical. In some cases, we believe based on our past experience you may even find that you have to literally create multiple business cases, or versions of output to speak to multiple different audiences.